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"Zironex"Services rules and conditions

Reference For users: Carefully Get acquainted pervious Rules And Conditions And „Zironex" Privacy Politics (which In unity Creates„The contract"), By which Is regulated You („User"Or„You") By „Zironex “”–At Placed Of the site („Zironex website") And On it Given „Zironex Services“(down Given Definition Accordingly) Use. „Zironex" On the site Presented Information Defined In parts (Of the company Shopping Make, Work clocks And Contact Information) access Is free Available And Their When using You You say Consent this Of the contract Relevant On sections. „Zironex" Other Services (All the rest of Valley) Use It is possible Only Registration Then And All Customers On it access no has. „Zironex" Limited In parts Access To get And/Or „Zironex" Services For use Registration Through, You You say Consent this Of the contract that On sections, which „Zironex" Services its about And Unequivocally You get it Commitment Follow this In the document in details Described rules And conditions Or Current At the moment „Zironex" On the site Given Other In the document. S.S. „Zironex“(“Zironex"Or„We"), Too seriously Stands up Yours Privacy Protection. Privacy In politics, which Is given I–7 In point („Privacy Politics“) Explained He Methods, By which happens Yours Information Security, Of accuracy And Secrets Protection, Whatever Carefully Should Get acquainted.


  1. "Zironex" Services

    1. pervious In the contract Described „Zironex" He Services, Which He Offers Customers („Zironex Services"): (A) “Zironex” Online Give me At the base access („At the base access") Represents in Georgia Registered Companies Constantly To be updated Data Base. Data In the database Information Presented Next In sections: (1) general, (2) Marketing, (3) Finances, (4) managment, And (5) Online Press ("Fallover"- Data In the database Existing Any Of the company Contact Information It's free, As Legal, also Physical For individuals. If To the company has Desire To receive more More Information "Zironex” Online Data Base with the help of And To have access On products (Sorting And Exporting Functions), for this necessary To become "Zironex” Member Company, Which means "Zironex” At the base Access Services One Or a few Section To purchase At least 6 Of the month For a period of time. "Zironex” Online Data Base Management happens Centralized „Zironex" By And includes business Data And Information Delivery „Zironex" By Developed Processing And Organizing By the method („Zironex Data"). "Zironex” includes Information Third Of the parties Of products And/Or Services About And Third Of the parties By Provided Services And For information Access Allows Gives („Information Third Of the party About"). (B) “Zironex” Online Data From the base Generated Marketing List (“Marketing List”) Allows Gives „Customers" concrete Criteria And/Or Their Combination Using (E.g.. Activities sphere, Location, Of the company Size, Annual Turnover, Of the company Status, Employees R.-Ba, Export-Import, Employees Medium Salary, Management Contact Information, other.) To create for him Interesting concrete Company(EB)He Lists. (C) “From Zironex” Generated Of the company Profile (“Of the company Profile”) Allows Gives „Customers" To receive comprehensive Information concrete Company(EB)He About (E.g.. Of the company Contact Information, Activities sphere, Products/Services, Annual Torques, Servant Banks And Insurance Companies, Of employees And Management Medium Salaries, Management Contact Information, other.) (D) “From Zironex” Generated Companies Management electronic Addresses (“Email Marketing”) Allows Gives „Customers" Existing And Potential Clients Get in touch any Target With the audience Communication Most Cheap, Fast And easy Through - Email-By mail Various Quotes To do (E.g.. Of the company news, Of the product Catalogs, Invitations, Greetings And other.) (E) “In Zironex” Own Of the company Add („Add/Update Company") Allows Gives „Customers“, which Of the company authorized Is a person, Absolutely for free To register Her Company "In Zironex”. Entered Information Will be checked „Zironex" Of the team By. Registered Company Gets Commitment Periodically To update Information „In Zironex“, In the company Current Of changes Accordingly.

    2. „Zironex" Retains Right from time to time To change, To edit, To adapt To do, To transform Or To cancel "Zironex Services“(Or Her parts). previous Contract Represents "Zironex With services" Related Complete Agreement To the parties Between And Shifts All any Previous Promises, Representations, Agreements, Statements And Intentions, which There were Or Maybe There were „Zironex" And „Customers" Between. „Zironex" can pervious Of the treaty Switch Private On the website By placement.

  2. "Zironex" Services Use

    1. „User" Agrees no To copy (Browsing At the time Randomness Except), advertisement To do, To resell, To spread, Handed over, From the beginning To create, To publish, To create Data Base, To carry out Any Automated Browsing Or Downloading function Or Any Other with face To trade Transfer Or Commercial Use „Zironex With services" In union Being By processes Received „Zironex Data" Or „Information Third Of the party About" And To use They are Only Business inside For purposes.

    2. Of doubt From the beginning To prevent And Without restriction, unacceptable „Zironex Data" Or „Third Of the party About Information" Use Anything Kind of Of the product Or Services Constituent In part Or Transfer Third For the party.

    3. Severely It is forbidden „Zironex Data" Or „Zironex Services" Use „For spammers" And/Or Illegal And Pests For marketing - for example (Without restriction) „Customer" no Should To use „Zironex Data" And/Or „Zironex Services" Undesirable Messages To send For marketing Or Products/Services To offer. „Zironex Services" no Should let it be used Email-Mail To send Any For the individual, If this The latter no Is sent his Corporate Email-In the mail, As this Presented „In Zironex“.

    4. "User” Agrees, that To use „Zironex Services" Only his With business Related Activities To implement.

    5. all „In Zironex" It is possible To load 20 File, which includes Information „About" Of the company, Her Activities, Products/ Services, other. About. Any Like this Appendix Size no Should Exceed one Megabytes And Should let it be pdf Format. Of the company Logo Should let it be Presented one-one Then Format: jpg, png, gif. „Zironex" can pervious Of the treaty Switch Private On the site By placement. 2.6Of law By Allowed Of the margin And Content Except, “User” Gets Commitment no To transform, To divide, To disassemble, Modification To do Or To change fully Or In part Any Software Provision, Which Acceptance as well „Zironex With services" Related Or Their with the help of happens.

    6. Of law By Allowed Of the margin And Content Except, “User” Gets Commitment no To transform, To divide, To disassemble, Modification To do Or To change fully Or In part Any Software Provision, Which Acceptance as well „Zironex With services" Related Or Their with the help of happens.

  3. License / Access right

    1. "Zironex” Grants „Customers“(If him has Relevant signature) Single, Non-exclusive And Non-transient Right („License") To receive access And To use „Zironex Services" And „Zironex Data" inside Consumption In order And Only pervious Of the contract Of rules And Conditions Accordingly. „Customers" no has right To grant, To dispose of, Handed over Third On the side Or Otherwise To alienate pervious By contract Awarded right Other any On the face (Except that Of cases, When Case its about Of the company Authorized Persons) If this The latter no Is Her Authorized Employee), In particular „Customer" no Should To allow right neither one Person To use Or To receive access „Zironex On the data"„From Zironex" Preliminary Written Of right Making Without. Any Demand „Zironex Base" Multiple Or group Of use About Should let it be Sent „With Zironex“. „Customers" Awarded Will have unique IP Address And „Zironex At the base" Access Will be able to Only Fixed IP From the address. „Customers" no has right, To carry out „Zironex At the base" access own Office Out Existing Internet with the help of. The above Actions Implementation in case, him Will bear Fine, Services In the contract Provided In the amount of.

  4. Possession And Intellectual Property Disposal right

    1. „User" Realizes, that no Comes with Powers "Zironex On the data” Or „Zironex Services" Of use As a result Created Other On the data. „User" also Realizes, that "Zironex Data” Represents Worth Information And Copyright right, Shopping Make And „Zironex Services" And "Zironex Data” Or with them Related All Other Intellectual Property Disposal right Is And will be „Zironex" Prerogative. „Customers" no has right To change Or Delete "Zironex Data” Marker Copyright Of right Symbol Or With him Related Authorship And Property Any Other Identifier Or Information.

    2. „Zironex" And „Zironex" Logo Registered Shopping There are signs And unacceptable Their Anything For a reason Reproduction.

    3. "Customers” Is prohibited „Zironex Services" Any Of part Modification, Switch Or Correction. „User" also no Will use „Zironex On services" Access To get Required The program Permission Without Or Well, that „Zironex Services" Anything Damage To approach.

  5. Commitment

    1. „User" Realizes, that „Zironex Services" Use Depending on his Skills And On evaluation And „Zironex Services" When using All Risk Own On top Gets. „About" By, „Zironex From services" Or Their Through Received Information Any with face On use Responsibility Him too Bear.

    2. "User” Is obliged To reimburse „Zironex" Any Kind of loss, Loss Or Commitment, which it is possible Directly Or Indirectly To arise „About" By „Zironex Data" Or „Zironex Services" Of use As a result.

    3. "User” Realizes, that „Zironex" no can Customers By „Zironex" Through Uploaded Of materials Content Control And Accordingly „Zironex" no Responsible Base Sageblianoba Or On accuracy Or Other For information, which this Service Is part of.

    4. "User” Realizes, that „Zironex From services" it is possible Could not To receive Useful And exact Information. „User" Is obliged To act Own Skills And Of discretion On the basis of, To To evaluate „Zironex Services" results And no To charge „Zironex" Anything Kind of Responsibility None inside Or Exterior Generated For costs, lost business Capabilities Or Other Potential Losses Because, which Arose, „Zironex From services" Received Information Of use Because/On the basis of realized Actions As a result.

    5. "User” Realizes, that „Zironex" no can Customers By Sent Email-Mail Content Control And Accordingly, „Zironex" no Responsible Mentioned Service Usefulness Or On accuracy Or Other For information, which this Service Is part of.

    6. "Zironex Data” Is created Questionnaires Of use And „Zironex In the database" Existing With companies Interviews Through. "Zironex Data” Great Part Provided Third Of persons By. Collected Information Accuracy And Completeness Depending on Mentioned Companies On collaboration. Regardless Although, that „Zironex" Addresses All Reasonable Saw, that Received Data let it be exact And Commercially Useful, „Zironex" no Gets Responsibility „Zironex Data" Usefulness And On accuracy.

    7. "Zironex Services” Functions Anything Kind of Guarantees, Of rules Or Conditions Without „Zironex Services","Zironex Data","Information Third Of the party About" Or „Zironex Services" with help Extracted Information With quality With respect to.

    8. Services And In general Internet Interactive From character Therefore, „Zironex" no Gives Warranty Or Commitment, that „Zironex Services" Will work Delays Or Errors Without. „Zironex" no Gets Responsibility Or Commitment Any Kind of Communicative Or Network On defects, Delay And On the malfunction (Temporarily Or Other Kind of), which Arise „Zironex Services" When using.

    9. „Zironex" Gives Warranty, that „Zironex Services“(In particular, „Zironex Data Base“) Using Received And Sent Email-Mail will be From viruses Or „From bugs" Free. „User" Is obliged To provide, that Thus Email-In the mail no will be Attached Viruses And „Bugs" And will be Individually Responsible Any Kind of Data At a loss Or Supplier System On injury, which Like this Email-Mail Was sent.

    10. „On Zironex" Given concrete Cookies When pressed Maybe „User" To move Other Websites, On which Existing Information Accuracy Or On the content And also this Sites any Other On the aspect „Zironex" No way Responsibility no Gets.

    11. „Zironex" No way Circumstance no Bear Responsibility „About" his By Presented On the claim, In particular Directly Or Consequently At a loss And To the detriment of (To win, Of the contract, Income Or Intangible Asset Loss Including) Regardless Causing Of causes, which it is possible let it be „Zironex Data" Or Their Through Secured Or Received Information Indifferent Use. „Zironex" no Responsible And no Will be considered pervious Of the contract In violation that in case, If Any Kind of Malfunction Caused Such Circumstance, Which Is mistaken Her Control Scope.

    12. "Zironex” Retains "Zironex Services” Price Of change Right, Which no means Already paid Fees Change Existing Of the contract Term Within.

    13. „User" Confirms his By Provided All Of data Correctness And his Powers Them On delivery.

  6. Tariffs And safety

    1. that in case, If Customers want To have Access right „Zironex Services" In particular In parts (In particular „Data At the base“), which no available All For customers („valuable Services"), „Customer" necessary „Zironex" By Defined Tariffs On the basis of And Them Accordingly To pay money, which no Returns.

    2. „Customers" has Opportunity To pay „Zironex On services“(In particular Yes „Data At the base“) Access price Credit By card On the Internet. Any Other Communication System Like, Internet Through, Information To send with Accompanies Her Stealing Risks. Regardless Although, that „Zironex" All Normal Preventive Size has Spent Like this Theft Risk To reduce, „User" Realizes, that Any Information send happens „About" Own At risk And „Zironex" no Responsible To follow this Information safety Her During transfer.

    3. "valuable Services" When using, „User" Agrees All that Additionally And helper The rule And Promise On services, which from time to time Sets „Zironex“.

    4. „User" Is obliged To follow For them available „valuable Services" And „Zironex Data" Unauthorized Third From individuals And To perform „Zironex" By „valuable Services" With security In connection with Established Instructions. Any that „valuable Services" Or „Zironex Data" When using, which Need „About" Registration, „User"„Zironex" On request Accordingly Will use Password Or About In person Number (ID) Or About The name. „User" Agrees let it be Responsible Like this Security Of dimensions On use And Gives Warranty, that Will protect Like this Password, About Private Of the number And About Of the name Or Any Other Security Mechanism Privacy And no Will disclose Them Other Persons.

  7. Privacy Politics

    1. „Zironex" public, Personal Or Commercial Of character Data Processing Implements Data Of the subject Consent Or By law Provided Data Processing Grounds Accordingly.

    2. „Zironex" Personal Information Collects With the customer/With a representative Telephone Speaking of, Of the subject On the site Registration Passing At the time Or With him Established Other Communication Through.

    3. Zironex By Personal Data On use To confirm Will be considered Zironex By Data Of the subject Orally (Telephone Of conversation format) Received With consent Or/And Data Of the subject Email.In the mail Supplied For information Attached Button - „confirm" Using Or/And Zironex Web-On the page Registration/Authorization Passing And Relevant Information For Zironex Delivery. What? Then Zironex Is assigned right To use Mentioned Confidential And Personal Data Commercial In order And To alienate Third On the face. Information Confirmation in case, Zironex Online Data In the database, To you In the company Fixed Of subjects Personal Data On validity Responsibility Bear To you To the company.

    4. „Zironex" Online Data In the database Of the company By Her Employee About Issued Personal Data Correctness And Their Processing About Of the subject On consent The answer Bears Data Supplier Company.

    5. Any Of the person By „Zironex" Of the web Only Browsing in case no Is Necessary, Such Personal Information Disclosure, Such as Name And last name, Contact Information Or Credit/Debit Card Data, which necessary Invoice When subscribing.

    6. Data To the subject Opportunity has Continuously Update And To change Personal Information „Online" Mode, On the site Registration Section Through. Any Type Change Of the subject About Existing In the data Will be checked And Will be confirmed „Zironex" Operators By. Data To the subject Always can To demand his About our At hand Existing Any Kind of Information, Which Provided Personal Data Protection About of Georgia By law Or Other Legislative By act. "Zironex" no Handles Data Of the subject Special Category Personal Data.

    7. Data Of the subject About Information Processing The goal Represents „Zironex" By Quotes, Of products And Services Introduction For the subject, Which Allows Gives us Refine And On you Better To fit Ours Services. Data Processing, also, necessary Accounting And Payment System For administration. However, Data Subject Authorized any At the time To request From us Data Processing Stop our On the website Existing Registration Section Through. Data Of the subject About Existing Information Maybe Processed To be Third Of persons By „With Zironex" Existing Contractual Relationship Within.

    8. Data Subject Consent Says „Data In Baa" To deploy And/Or right To give „Zironex" From him To gain And To process Certain public, Personal And Commercial Data. Like this Data available will be Third For individuals And Maybe Direct Marketing For purposes To be used. „Third Of the party About Information" Or „Third Of persons Owned Of data“(Which Without restriction includes „Customer" Employees) When calling "User" Himself Provides Of them Consent Acceptance. „User" no Is authorized Handed over „From Zironex" Accepted Any Information Third Persons.

    9. „Zironex" Authorized Data From the subject Received Information Handed over Third On the side, As Aggregated Statistics with face (E.g.. Users Quantity, Location, other.), also Individual Data Of the subject Consent On the basis of. „Zironex" Authorized State Inspector And State Inspector Service By Data On demand in case To supply him Any Of character Requested Information.

    10. „Zironex" Provides Such Organizational And technical Of dimensions Acceptance, which Provides Data Protection Random Or Illegal From destruction, From change, From disclosure, From extraction, Any Other In the form Illegal Of use And Random Or Illegal From loss. However, It is impossible Via the Internet Transferred Data Security Complete Protection. As a result, Regardless „Zironex" Maximum Of effort To follow Yours Personal Information, no we can with us Posted Any Information Her Mailing list At the moment Security Warranty Provision And Her Mailing list Risk Yours Is a responsibility.

    11. „Zironex" Authorized To use Data Count („Cookie“) On the website Her Of use For simplification.

    12. „Zironex" By Provided Information Transfer Abroad It is possible To be implemented Only Contractual Liabilities Performance In order, pervious By the rules And By law Awarded Powers Within.

    13. „Zironex" Of the web And Ours Payment Of the process Part Automated, Accordingly, Maybe Yours Personal Information To be processed As Payment Of the process Component Part. In order, that no We are lagging behind Fast Technological Changes, We Maybe from time to time Let's look back this Method And To change He, Accordingly To change rules And conditions, What? About „Zironex" Will publish public Message Of the web with the help of.

    14. "Zironex" Constantly produced News Of character Meetings Personal Data Protection Inspector With the apparatus And Provides Activities Compliance Existing Legislative With regulation.

  8. Privacy With politics Or Personal Information Of use Along the roads Related Questions in case Contact us:

  9. About materials And behaviour

    1. Privacy Policy Back Discussed Personal Information Except, „Zironex" On the website You By Uploaded Any Material Will be considered Non-confidential And Impersonal For information. „Zironex" Thus With the material In connection with None Commitment no Will have. „Zironex" Will be granted Powers To copy, To make public, To spread, Other With data To unite And other. Like this Material And All Kind of, Visual, vowel And Textual Data To use Commercial If Non-commercial For purposes.

    2. You You are forbidden „Zironex" On the site Anything Kind of Information placement Or Copying, If: (A) this On the material no do you have Relevant License And/Or Consent - In particular, If Third Of persons About Or Third Of persons Owned Of data Calling in case Received no do you have Of them Consent; (B) this Material Will Helps Action, which it is possible Discussed let it be As Criminal Crime, Cause Civil Responsibility Or Otherwise To break The law Or Third Of persons Rights Jurisdiction, which Is regulated pervious By the rules And Conditions Or Any Other County By laws; (C) this Material Is Technically dangerous (Them Between, Restriction Without, Computer virus, Logical Mine, “Trojan Horse”,„Worm“, dangerous Component, damaged Data Or Other Harmful Software Or dangerous Data); (D) this Material On purpose Isakhavs Of others In error Input And Wrong Information Spread.

    3. unacceptable „Zironex" Site Abuse Use (Them Between, Restriction Without, „Hacking“, Unauthorized Advertisements, Marketing materials, „Jank Mail","Spam“, each other Consecutive Letters, Pyramidal Circuits, Other).

    4. „Zironex” As much as possible Will cooperate Law Enforcement With organs Or With the court, And Will perform Them On demand To make public that Of persons Identity Or Location, which Spread Such Materials, which pervious The contract Breaks.

  10. Data

    1. „User" Is responsible To provide Her Compliance „Zironex With data" In connection with of Georgia With legislation.

  11. "Zironex” Other Services

    1. Private Data„Zironex" By Advertising For the customer Rendered Service („Zironex Other Services“) Represents Service, By which „Zironex" And Her Internet Provider („Service Provider“) Provide Advertising For the customer („Zironex Advertising Customer“) On the site Online Legal Of persons Data To collect, To To be determined that No visitors Quantity And Identity, which Ours Advertising Customer Companies Profiles Watching. We Maybe this In order To do Internet Mail Monitoring. this Monitoring As a result, No visitors About Received Data (IP Address, Browsing Time) Is collected Only Legal On persons (no happens Physical With a person Related IP Addresses To process); Their To collect happens Ours „Service Provider" By Internet In the registers Existing Data with help (Of the company Corporate Name And public DNS (Domain Of the name Services) Information) („Data“) And Then happens Her Transfer „Zironex Advertising To the customer"„Zironex With data" Additionally (Audience Statistical Data). this „Data" To process happens „Zironex" And Her „Service Provider" By And Will be transferred Only „Zironex Advertising Customers" Other Goals To exclude. „Zironex" And „Service Provider" Will be discussed Data As Confidential And no Will be handed over Them Other Persons. any At the moment, Relevant By law Provided Of rules And Conditions Within, You can you To claim Yours Personal Data And To request Their Modification, Delete Or block with us In connection with Then Email-Mail At the address: „Zironex Advertising To the customer" can You By Or „Zironex Other Services" Through Provided Data Use Marketing For purposes, for example, Of products Or Services For advertising. Relevant By law, You do you have right any At the moment Refusal To declare this Data Marketing For purposes On use Relevant „Zironex Advertising With the customer" Or „With Zironex" In connection with (up Given Email-Mail At the address). „Zironex Other Services" Within, Ours Advertising Customers Lay down with us The contract, Which According to Received „Data" It is confidential And Used Relevant Of law, In particular Personal Data Regulatory Of law, considering. However, „Zironex" no has power And Control Advertising To customers, Which they have Freedom To decide If How will be Data used. „Zironex" And „Service Provider" Only Data Processors they are And Accordingly no Can Guarantees Provision And Liability To take „Zironex Advertising Customers" By „Data" Of use Goals. this Of the web Using, You Fraud You say Above Services And On principles.